• Want to quit

    First of all you have to really want to quit smoking, do it without obligation or external pressures

  • Be motivated

    It must find the right time to leave, take time, choose a date and not put it off.

  • Appropriate treatment

    Find out, get advice, compare different treatments for smoking cessation and choose the appropriate treatment.

  • 80% chance of success in a single session.
  • Counselling to prevent relapse.
  • No drugs, no side effects, no risk, no pain.
  • Not a franchise, each treatment is tailored to the patient.
  • Further advantages >


 The IPR: Resonant Induction Patterns is a natural  technique to rebalance the nervous system so that the quitting the person does not feel Withdrawal Syndrome by lack of nicotine

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It will be comfortably seated for 30 min and only feel a deep relaxation… View more…


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REMEMBER not smoke or use nicotine gum or patches 2 HOURS PRIOR TO THE CONSULTATION.

Therapies that are discussed in this website does not replace medical treatment or medical advice, if you are currently under medical treatment, you should not interrupt it.