Price and guarantees

  • The price of treatment for smoking cessation is 150 euros including:
  • The treatment for smoking cessation; 1 session of about an hour duration.
  • Warranty second free consultation for 1 month from the date of treatment should not be able to quit smoking or in case of relapse .
  • Warranty reduced price of 50 euros per visit for 1 year from the date of treatment for other queries smoking.
  • In case you belong to the group of people who do not quit. There will be total or partial reimbursement of the treatment, as what is charged is the work and the time of treatment
  • If you have many questions about the treatment or not yet clear whether you want to quit now or decide to quit forced by another, or think you know a better smoking cessation treatment, then it is preferable to take a time to reflect and time does not make an appointment.

Therapies that are discussed in this website does not replace medical treatment or medical advice, if you are currently under medical treatment, you should not interrupt it.