• Results: 85% success rate *, own data after years of experience, constantly updated treatment.
  • Experience; solvent curriculum in psychology, smoking and addiction.
  • Transparency: clear concept, no false promises, no fine print.
  • Professional ethics: if in my professional opinion believe it is unlikely to get quit the day of the appointment, I’ll tell clearly to choose another time or different treatment.
  • Without obligation; you ask for consultation and come to the appointment does not require you to do the treatment. If at the last minute decides to postpone or prefer a different treatment, no strings attached. Maybe later change your mind and welcome.
  • Advice: You want to quit but do not know what treatments exist or do not know which to decide. No problem I will inform objectively about the various treatments available to stop smoking, both mine and others. You will know the pros and cons of all existing treatments to quit smoking.
  • Without aggressive marketing: it will not receive any advertising or offers or promotions, or phone call. Your data is protected by legal privilege and the Data Protection Act.
 * In case of taking psychotropic drugs daily probability is around 60%. (Remember that if you take psychotropic drugs should not abandon them, leaving them will not automatically increase the likelihood of success).


Therapies that are discussed in this website does not replace medical treatment or medical advice, if you are currently under medical treatment, you should not interrupt it.